Dr. Tillman-Young Coble MS Teacher of the Year 2020-2021

It is with great pleasure we announce Dr. Christa Tillman-Young as the Teacher of the Year for the 2020-2021 school year at Coble Middle School.  She has worked diligently this year leading our awesome Math team, organizing our Saturday camp(s), MAP testing, assisting in the office and helping with other projects. She has been a great asset to Coble Middle School for many years. Congratulations Dr. Tillman-Young. Well deserved!!!

Coble Teacher of the Year 2020-21 Dr. Tillman=Young

Dr. Christa Tillman-Young is the Math Specialist at James Coble Middle School in Arlington, Texas. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree from Eckerd College, and a Masters and Doctorate Degree from The University of Texas at Arlington.  Her family considers teaching a gift and a privilege. Her parents and four grandparents have served as teachers/deans in various educational settings, including law school, seminary, college and K-12.

Dr. Tillman-Young’s educational background is diverse. She attended a language immersion school, Montessori, public high school in the US, and a Caribbean Christian academy. She began teaching at eighteen years old.  As class valedictorian, she was offered a gap-year teaching position to teach a class of four and five year olds in the Caribbean. There, she helped create a hands-on curriculum that enabled all of her students to read and perform arithmetic on a second grade level.

Although she did not pursue an education degree in undergrad, teaching was apparently her destiny. During her senior year, she was recruited for a district-sponsored teacher certification program. She served as a teacher to special education students while attending graduate school. This experience cemented her commitment to teach for the rest of her life.  

Dr. Tillman-Young’s philosophy is “love in action”. She pursues whole-family relationships that engender belief in each student’s ability to succeed. She also tries to create a learning environment that inspires a life-long love for learning in each student. There is no greater blessing than participating in the awakening of a young mind!